Seminar at Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide

August 09, 2015 | 0 Minute Read

On Friday (2015/08/07) I had the pleasure of presenting a Bioinformatics seminar at the Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide. The talk centred mostly around my own career in Bioinformatics and how we’ve built up Bioinformatics at my current workplace (Australian Centre for Ancient DNA). The Robinson Institute is a research institute within the University that deals with human reproduction, pregnancy and child health.

I actually wrote the talk in Google GO language in package called Present. Its a pretty nice system and I lot easier to use than LaTex beamer package (which I’ve used a few times previously). I had fun using it but it still lacks features such as font/image justification which was quite annoying. Still, I didn’t really use it for it’s really interesting features; namely, in-slide coding and being able to run scripts from within the presentation.

All slides and images are located on my bitbucket repository